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Any gamer will see this picture and laugh.  If you’re not a gamer you’re sitting there going “WTF?”  Basically when starting any MMO you obviously start at level 1.  Regardless of how many levels can be achieved in the game you can’t do shit at the low levels.  And if it’s a game that you play with all levels together this is what it looks like.  I’ll use Blacklight Retribution as an example.  For every battle you complete you get “money.”  You have to use this to buy weapon and gear upgrades.  And until you do you are fodder.  You could be the best player in the battle and unless your invisible you will still die faster than those with more gear(if you get hit that is).

I play World of Warcraft.  I have since just before Lich King.  I did take about a year or so off before Mists of Pandaria dropped, but now I’ve gotten back into it.  Over the years things have gotten easier.. you can get a mount at 20 instead of 40.  Mounts and pets are account-wide.  There are heirlooms that help you level faster if you already have high level toons.  You don’t have to stand n hit mobs for hours to level up daggers or staves  – now you just know them.  In Lich King and Cataclysm rep was pretty easy to get.  In cata you did it all by wearing tabards in dungeons.  Easy-peasy.  Now we are back to the grind.  Granted it is nothing like grinding to get your nether drakes, but it’s a lot harder than previously.



Basically they take forever.  For every faction in MOP you have to grind dailies – The Tillers, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus.  And to get to the Shado-Pan dailies you have to get revered with Golden Lotus.  Then there are the legendary reps.  The Black Prince for example.  You get like 10-11 rep per kill for bugs n mogu.. but you can’t do anything else until you hit honored.  And that can take awhile.  Or the loremasters – you have to complete some achievements or do archeology to get exalted.  Now, when you hit revered on any toon with these you can get a lil sigil that will boost your rep with that faction by 100% account wide.  So that’s good.

I also play



This is not a multi-player game.  But it is amazing.  I have said before I have a semi-obsession with Alice and that includes all the dark twisty stuff.  This game is awesome.  It is bloody, has multiple levels of difficulty, and Alice looks badass.  All the characters are there.. only demented.  This is a game I will (and have) played over and over.  There’s always more memories or bottles to find .. or hidden levels to gain more roses.  I love it.  I highly advise getting it, but I warn it is not for those who don’t like much violence or blood.  If you can get your hands on it I’d say play the first one as well.  I haven’t actually played it because it is no longer made and used copies can run $100 or more on ebay because of the rarity.  If anyone wants to share I’d be uber grateful!  I leave you with one of my favorite outfits of Alice.  Steampunk inspired!



I don’t know about all of you, but I watch Food Network almost daily.  I love Restaurant Impossible, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Iron Chef America and all the rest.  Problem is they make me hungry.  Not just hungry to eat, but hungry to learn how to cook that stuff.  I wish I knew how to do half the things these cooks do.


Like the chefs in Chopped.  Seriously?  Give me one of those baskets and I’d be lost, even with hours to cook.  These people figure it out in minutes!  Or Iron Chef.


They make a bunch of dishes highlighting one ingredient.  And they make the plates pretty all in an hour.  While I could probably cook up some of the things those chefs imagine, if they gave me the recipe and a lot more time, I couldn’t do it on the spot.  I don’t know what spices go well together or what meat compliments what other meat.  I don’t cook (or like) fish.  I definitely couldn’t butcher anything.  But I wish I could.  I wish I had a way to learn all of this (and the budget to buy some of that high-priced food).

And (big surprise here!) I wish I could do on the spot cupcake decisions like on..


Sure these people bake cupcakes most everyday of their life (and know recipes by heart), but in this show it’s all about pressure, time constraints, and very picky judges.  And of course the judges should be picky.  I adore Candace Nelson and Florian Bellanger.  They KNOW their shit. And sometimes the contestants get thrown crazy curve balls like hot dogs, avocados, or tomato soup!  Yea, some of the teams choose some of the required ingredients more to try to wow the judges and screw it up royally, but a few do amazing.  You listen to them tell what’s in the cupcake and you start to feel bad that the judges have to taste it.  Then you see the surprise on the judge’s faces when it’s incredibly delicious.  There is no higher praise than to hear these flavors you just threw together (that no one else would dare) are actually tasty.

Some people may say “Pssh, those are just cupcakes, they aren’t hard.”  I dare those people to make some batter AND frosting from scratch and see how easy it is to get something people will want more of.  To have a cupcake business, and thrive, those flavors have to pop, have to blend perfectly, and have to make people tell all their friends.  Plus, they have to look good otherwise no one is even gonna taste them!

Do you ever watch a movie and think “there is no way this shit would ever happen?”  I’m not talking about science fiction, horror, fantasy, or cartoons.  I’m talking about romantic comedies.  I mean come on no one really does this stuff.  No rich man fell in love with a prostitute then decided to change his business ways and go take the hooker out of her lifestyle and into his.  No guy had a girl meet him on a dock and took her jet skiing to Ellis Island for a private tour where he got security to find her ancestor’s signature in the ledgers – especially not on the first date.

But, they do knock up girls on the first date and turn out to be losers.  They do have ups and downs, but lets be honest how often do things actually get worked out so they can live happily ever after?

Even though I criticize them and think that the over-over-exaggeration of them is ridiculous, I do watch them on occasion. I even own a few of the more outrageous ones like Vanity Fair, Tristan and Isolde, The Fountain.  But I much prefer action, adventure, and horror.  Even in real life there are always good guys saving the world from bad guys (And yes I support our troops!).  Granted the good guys don’t always win in real life, it it nice to see them get the win in most movies.

In real life those who are adventurous do sometimes end up in bad situations.  They may not end up on a sacred hill eaten by vines among Mayan ruins, but sometimes they do get captured by pirates, by terrorists, by evil, greedy men (and women).  When people think of a horror movie most come up with Paranormal Activity or The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  Yes, Exorcisms happen. No, I don’t think they all puke pea soup or that a demon can be caught in a mirror by looking at himself and then banished by smashing the mirror.  Yes, I believe in the supernatural.  No, I will not watch fake ass Paranormal Activity.  Most horror movies I watch could actually happen.  Some psycho could put on a hockey mask and start fucking people up.  A person could commit murders using the seven deadly sins as reasons.  There could be a man made virus that kills us all off.  Hell, I’ll even say with technology we could all end up zombies someday.

But no one is pretending to be their twin brother just to play soccer and then falling in love with their roommate.  And if they are – the roommate is not being forgiving for the lies and going on to live happily ever after.


For those of you that don’t know what MirrorMask is let me enlighten you.  It was a movie released in 2005 directed by Dave McKean.  It starred Stephanie Leonidas, Jason Barry, and Gina McKee.  The whole idea behind the movie was to do something like Labrynth that would be a cult classic.  Stephanie plays Helena (and her alter) who’s life is at the circus her parents own and then her mother gets sick.  Helena then enters/dreams this other world where Valentine (Jason) and those around him live in a world split into two. And the shadow side is overtaking the light side because the MirrorMask was stolen.  Gina McKee plays Helena’s real mother as well as the two queens.  I really highly recommend this movie!!

mirrormask mirrormask1 mirrormask2


So the reason I was watching this movie earlier today is because last night I remembered some weird film I really liked that I saw years ago with some friends of mine.  The only problem was I only had fragments.  I knew there was a girl, because of the background being computer generated I thought it was animated (and it’s not), plus I thought there was a cat (which was actually a sphinx).  I had a feeling there were shadows and a queen and some kind of puzzles.  Turns out most of my feelings were right I just couldn’t find it because I thought it was animated.  So after hours of searching and bugging my friends I decide it’s time to sleep.  I turn off the comp, lay down and proceed to pet my dog.  Suddenly I’m like mirror.. mirror… mask! I type it in search on my phone and go are you freaking kidding me?!  Lol I was super happy I found it tho!

As I’m watching the movie the mother says a line “There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very, very good.”  I’m like.. this sounds familiar.. EMILIE AUTUMN!  It’s the beginning of her song “Time for Tea!”  I’m doubting this is coincidence and am pleased to see Emilie has good taste in movies.  Speaking of music, there is a song during MirrorMask that I find love better than the original version.

So like every other day I woke up today rather late because well I hate mornings.  And of course there is nothing on t.v. other than reruns of shows I’ve already seen a million times.  Today we were able to look at our classes online so I came upstairs and got on the comp.  I decided it was too quiet and proceeded to find something interesting on Netflix.  I came across The Experiment (2010).  I heard about this movie in my Psychology class and thought it would be interesting to watch.  I mean I already knew the premise of the movie and what was going to happen, but actually watching it is entirely different.  Yea, some of you will say “it’s only a movie,” but I hate to tell you that this shit is what would actually happen if we were all put into this situation.  It deprives you of the outside world and puts you into this world where things aren’t what you’d expect.  We would all fall into the role we were put in.  We would adapt.  And that’s a scary thing.  It makes you wonder what will happen if our world fell apart.  What would we all turn into?  What darkness do we all have inside that would surface?

Now that I have no faith in humanity (well, I didn’t really before the movie either) I thought I’d do something to make the day a little happier.  And what makes a day better than frying with bacon and cheese and cookies?!  I have to tell you I love potatoes, in any way shape or form.  And awhile back I experimented with some leftover mashed potatoes, bacon, and cheese.  Turns out if you add in an egg it will form nicely into patties and stay together to be fried up in a little oil.  Crispy potatoey mashed goodness.



Yea, Yea I know not really very healthy, but whatever I’ve been doing lately (not sure what it is) I have shed 7 pounds since finals were over. Yay me!  And of course I made some yummy cookies.  The chocolate chip ones were from this giant tub of cookie dough we have and the peanut butter ones are thanks to Paula Deen.  I did not know that all these years I was making peanut butter cookies the hard way.  Seems that you can just take a cup of peanut butter, a cup of sugar, and an egg to make them!  You just beat it til it forms a kind of sticky dough.  Make the lil fork marks on top and cook at 350 F for 10 min.  They are sooo good!  Which my dad will appreciate because he loooves peanut butter cookies.



Now to get into 7 Below and maybe play some World of Warcraft since maintenance is over.  I must make sure to enjoy my last week before school starts!

One of the reasons I was so excited to move to the east coast is all the history here.  There are tons of old cemeteries, abandoned buildings and hospitals, lots of things you can’t find back in Arizona.  While I haven’t made it to any of the great places out here, mostly cuz gas is skyhigh, I have done a little research.  One of the places I really want to go look at is Rosewood.  The hospital was opened as the Asylum and Training School for the Feeble Minded.  Then in 1912 it was the Rosewood State Training School.  And after that it was renamed Rosewood State Hospital in 1961.  The final name of it became Rosewood Center in 1969.  This large state hospital was actually open all the way up until June 30th, 2009.


This is a pretty nice picture of the grounds.

It was originally opened for indigent children between the ages of 7-17, only white children.  In 1900 they tried to get a building erected for colored kids, but it didn’t happen.  I wasn’t successful in finding out if and when the hospital accepted more than just whites.  In the 40’s the institution finally accepted physically handicapped kids along with the mentally handicapped ones.  And it wasn’t until 1950 that the age restriction was lifted.  At it’s highest capacity Rosewood held 2,700 people.

Not only did patients live on the grounds, they went to school and worked there.  The hospital’s board really wanted to be self-sufficient so they had the boys farm and the girls sew and cook.  The third floor of the hospital was where those that took care of these children lived.  They each had their own room and there was a living room for them to relax.

Like all institutions of this nature over the years there were a lot of reports of abuse, neglect, etc. Especially because during its existence it was many times overcrowded and understaffed as well as lacking proper funds. It was actually referred to as “Maryland’s Shame.” In 2006 the main building, which wasn’t used, was burned down by an arsonist.  The grounds are also contaminated with asbestos, lead paint, and other chemicals.


Somewhere on the property is a 100 year old cemetery from when there was a flu epidemic.  I mean if anyplace has the right to be haunted it is a place like this.  I can only imagine what went on in this institution back in the day.  During the years this place was open there were a lot of different ideas out there of how to treat the mentally ill, and not all of them were nice.


Photos like these make me want to go just as much as the history.  I really like forlorn, decimated buildings.  Not sure why.  None of these photos are mine, but I hope to someday post some of my own here.

I don’t want to claim anyone’s work so this is where I got my information and pictures!!i=477779434&k=ERwh7


Sleep is for the weak.

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So sleep and I have been fighting.  I want to go to bed at a decent time since I have early morning classes in about a week n a half and sleep doesn’t want me to until the wee hours of the morning.  Which means I sleep until like 1 pm because I’m one of those people that needs more than 8 hours to be alive.  I am sick and tired of laying in bed doing nothing! UGH!  Of course my doc says I need to get myself on a schedule because it can help with the whole mood swing thing.  So now I don’t have any choice but to attempt sleep when sleep doesn’t wanna come.  bah.

Today I had to wait all day for my school books to come and now that they are here I’m like oh crap what did I get myself into?  The stack is like 8 inches high and weighs at least 10 lbs.  And that is for 3 classes!  Oh, and there’s this thing where I need to play around on Adobe Illustrator CS5 cuz that is what one of the classes I am taking is using.  BUT. Now that CS6 is out you can’t buy CS5.  And the book doesn’t come with a trial version or anything.  Which means I’ll have to do ALL the work at school.  I call bullshit!  I dunno why they didn’t just update the class.  And if they somehow magically do I’ll be pist since I already bought the books.

So now I’m downloading a free trial of CS6 to play around on, but from what I heard it is going to make me hate CS5’s layout.  We’ll see.  I am excited to see what I can do with it though.  I’ve never had the money to buy any of the programs before so this is all new.  I can’t wait to see what creepy lil things I can come up with. Of course I have no idea what I’m doing here, just played a little.  This is gonna be harder than I thought!  Truly might have to break out the cupcakes soon.

So I was starting to watch Madhouse last night when I last posted and true to the beginning of blood, crazies, and straight jackets it was pretty darn good.  The twist to the story was great, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who loves horror movies and is looking to watch a new one.  It is not a mainstream movie, it was never on the big screen, and those are EXACTLY the type of movies I recommend.  I mean yea of course I watch the big hits that come out, hell I own a ton of them, but I find some of the best movies I’ve ever seen are movies I randomly picked up in the resale pile at a bookstore, or randomly chose on Netflix.  For example, I bought The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, never having heard of it before, just because it has Asia Argento in it.  This movie is incredibly fucked up and you should only watch it if you have a stomach for it.  J.T. Leroy was the writer of the book the movie is based on and he originally peddled the story as his own memoir.  It turns out the whole thing was fiction, but it’s still great.  It’s a part of life that many don’t want to own up to.

Anyway, back to the movies. I also watched Dark House last night which I began to think was a bit like House on Haunted Hill only in a much smaller house and different background story.  While it had some similarities the twists at the end kind of make you go “oh, crap.”  However, I do recommend House on Haunted Hill 1 & 2 over this movie.  Today I got up and found nothing on t.v. so I decided to try another movie I had never heard of – John Carpenter’s The Ward.  I’ve said before I have a thing for mental institutions and I was thinking okay Girl, Interrupted with ghosts.  Which yea it basically is, until you get to the end and the whole story is told.  I love movies that kind of blow your mind at the end.  Totally makes it all worth it.

Now, to the reason this post is called “Good Fries Are Hard to Come by.”  When I was a kid my mother always watched E.R. She never missed an episode, so as I got older I gravitated towards doctor shows.  Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, HawthorNe, etc.  So I just watched the latest episode of Private Practice – which tragically is ending this season – and it really just talked to me.  This episode was mostly about Amelia (Caterina Scorcese – who I adore!) who is a neurosurgeon who is an alcoholic that used to do oxy.  Because I have my own drug issues (I no longer do them, but once an addict always an addict) I really love this character.  Plus, I like good fries.

If you have no idea who Caterina Scorcese is I suggest you look her up.  She was also in the movies Missing and Edge of Darkness.  My favorite role of her’s is (surprise!) as Alice in Syfy channel’s mini-series.  I really love that mini-series – and of course their Tin Man one.  I never got into the Neverland one they did.. didn’t even watch more than 15 minutes of it. I do like most things on syfy channel though.  Being Human, Alphas, Warehouse 13, Eureka (which is over sadly).  I can watch the channel all day long.  I love the crappy little movies they do too.

While I was on FB today I came across a post about a town in PA, Centralia.  This town is abandoned and there is an underground fire burning in the mine beneath – it’s been burning since 1962.  So I’m intrigued and I look it up.  Turns out there is this huge dispute about the land and houses.  Apparently, it’s not completely abandoned.  There are those that still live there despite the fact that it was condemned – and they refuse to give up their land.  They say that the fire has moved on, it isn’t an issue anymore, and that the whole thing was used to get the government the land.  If everyone leaves the land does go to the government and I guess there is so much anthracite coal underneath it could make someone very, very rich.  I feel bad for those people if that is true.  Hell I feel bad just that they lost their whole town.  i do still want to visit and look around – I like abandoned buildings.

centralia centraliafree

So as I edited my last blog to say, Netflix does not have Repo! The Genetic Opera available for streaming any longer.  It broke my black little heart.  So I was forced to scroll through and look for another movie to watch to pass the time.  I came along The Tall Man starring Jessica Biel.  Rated R, made in 2012, with an average of 3.5 stars.  Sounds like a horror movie when you read the blurb.  I was like hell yea.  Turns out it isn’t a horror movie, although you wouldn’t know by the first 1/3 of the movie.  However, it is a thrilling movie with twists and turns you don’t expect and I was very pleased after watching it.  Now I just have to find something else to watch now that it’s over. /sigh

So now I’ve come upon Madhouse, a horror movie from 2004.  As previously stated I love anything to do with mental institutions – yes I’m sick I know.  So this movie is set in one!  My hopes are high and I will be very upset if I’m disappointed.  I’m only in the opening credits at the moment, but so far so good.  Lots of fake blood, crazy people running around in straight jackets and losing their minds.  Let’s cross our fingers!


So I have issues sleeping.. can’t fall asleep.. wake up randomly.. and other times I’m completely dead to the world.  So last night I can’t fall asleep.. and then in the early morning I think I was dead to the world since I didn’t hear my parents leave.  As I’m kind of waking up I suddenly think IT’S WEDNESDAY!  And go OH SHIT! I have an appointment at 1!!! And of course I had forgotten so I quick jump up n grab my phone to see what time it is… 12:35!!  I barely have time to get dressed and run out the door, thankfully the appointment was close by so I wasn’t late, but I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten.  I mean I see her every week!  So now I guess I need to write myself little notes and put them places I can see them so I don’t forget.  I feel very old at such a young age!

So after my appointment I get home and I’m like maybe I should eat something.  Well, as you know I have food issues lately so I had no idea what to eat.  I finally settled on french fries.  So I sit down to watch t.v. while the oven is preheating and there is nothing on.. so I check our DVR and see Wanderlust.  Never heard of it, but I like Jennifer Aniston so I figured I’d check it out.  Freaking HILARIOUS!  I was a little wary cuz I’m not all about the whole commune thing, but they did well.  I laughed pretty hard at some parts.  And of course the nudist in the commune wasn’t very good looking.. and you see his penis.  Glad I didn’t watch the movie with my parents cuz that would have been weird.

Since I bought my textbooks on amazon yesterday I got $5 free in MP3’s.   I was like hell yea!  Then of course I couldn’t think of anyone who’s music I actually wanted and settled on music from The Devil’s Carnival, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and Emilie Autumn.  So now I’m all omg I have to watch those again!  Yay for my buddy Cole who has Netflix!  Now I can sit back and enjoy some cult classics! (Well, they aren’t old enough to be classics, but I think they will be some day!)  If you haven’t seen them I HIGHLY recommend you watch them.  Especially if you like Rocky Horror.  Apparently now they are doing shadowcasts of Repo! just like they do of Rocky!!! I seriously need to get myself to VA and see it.  If I had known this before I went to Arizona for Christmas I would have seen the one there since that is where I lost my Rocky virginity.

Anyway, the people that did Repo! also did The Devil’s Carnival.  While I was not lucky enough to see either of them while they were touring the country I am a huge fan!  When The Devil’s Carnival does their next installment I am all over that shit.  Creepy musicals with a crazy story line are totally me.  If I had the talent I’d write my own.  But since I don’t I will happily watch these over and over.  Terrance Zdunich is awesome.  A very, very talented artist.  Not only is his voice captivating, but he’s pretty damn hot.  This is one of my favorite songs of his from Repo!  

And of course I can’t forget to give you a clip of him from the Carnival. This is Terrance (the devil) and Jessica Lowndes.

And since I have a semi-obsession with Emilie Autumn here she is in The Devil’s Carnival as The Painted Doll.

If you decide you love this as much as I do go to and  You can learn more and buy stuffs of course!  And if you love Emilie there is – she is currently touring in the U.S.  I would kill to be able to go to her show.  But the closest to me are DC and Philly.. and I am broke just like everyone else nowadays.  Tragic I know.  I went to one of Emilie’s shows in Arizona during her last tour and it was amazing!  I have some pictures somewhere and I’ll be sure to post them when I find them. (I’ve had computer problems lately so I had to put everything onto discs and flash drives.)  Emilie even wrote an autobiography which is called “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.”  I have yet to read it because I never seem to have the cash for it (currently $60 plus shipping) and I haven’t found anywhere that has it local.  I need to make friends with someone who has it so I can borrow it.  Which sounds a bit mean, but it’s true!

My friend Erol was lucky enough to have moved to L.A. just before Emilie shot her last music video (Dec.).  He got to be in it!  He even hung out with Emilie and Captain Maggot.  Total jealousy on my part.  I can’t wait til the video comes out, I don’t even know what song it was she did.  I do hope that her book gets made into a musical.  It would be devastatingly amazing considering the  music on “Fight Like a Girl” (her latest album) was inspired by the book.  I’m such a plague rat!


Edit: STUPID NETFLIX!! You can no longer stream Repo! I have to settle for ONLY The Devil’s Carnival! Blasphemy!