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Yes, I know I have been neglectful once again.  Summertime has gotten to me.  All the humidity and heat has me being uber lazy!  I have managed to check out a new game – Neverwinter.  Based on Dungeons and Dragons, free to download, free to play, officially out of beta on the 20th.  I was a little skeptical as I have no knowledge of D&D, but figured what’s the harm in trying something free?  Totally awesome.  Great gameplay, good toons, lots to do.  AND there is player made content!!! The Foundry rocks.  Some of the player made content has to do with the game and the lore, and some is totally random.  There are some very hilarious foundry quests.  If you have time, definitely check it out!  This is my Control Wizard standing on a giant awesome clock!



I did come up with my own foundry quest to create, it just takes a lot of time and patience to get it together.  Hopefully, I will develop more patience so I can finish making it.  The script was apparently the easy part lol.

I saw Man of Steel on Saturday…. meh.  It was the kind of movie that is good to see in a theater, but I realized that I thought of other things a few times during the movie and a really good one would have kept my attention.  The end was great tho.  Overall, worth seeing once but I doubt I’d ever watch it again.  Now You See Me is a completely different story.  LOVED IT.  Totally grabbed my attention and held it.  Didn’t see the end coming and I want the movie!  Go see it!

My grandfather is coming next week so that means I am forced to put my room away and clean up.  I was leaving stuff in boxes because the basement isn’t finished, but it has to look nice when he visits.  I’m sure some of you understand.

I want to make some honey wheat bread this week, but the process is so long every time I look at the recipe I go.. nah.  Maybe if I make cupcakes at the same time… cuz then the dough could rise while I do other stuff.. maybe.. Totally depends on whether or not I can get over this “nothing looks good maybe I’ll just starve” week. I love food and I hate eating it when nothing looks/tastes good!  I totally bought myself some White Castle frozen burgers to eat tho, I mean I figure I can’t not eat those.. so yummy!  I wish they were fresh from White Castle, but the closest is in like PA!

Trying to figure a way to make some money so I can go visit some friends in Canada.  It isn’t overly expensive to drive there, but right now it is out of my budget.  I’ll just dream of all that I could see along the way and all the fun we could have until I can find a better job doing what I actually like.  Sadly, it seems that even finding a contracting job for web design/development is out of my reach.  I will keep hoping and ranting on for all of you til then =P



Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, was the son of Vlad Dracul, or Vlad the Dragon.
Dracul is not just the word for Dragon in Romanian, it also means devil, which makes
the name fit quite nicely.


Back then the area they lived in was called Wallachia and is part of modern day Romania.
Surrounded by empires that they needed to appease, they would constantly change sides to make
sure that Wallachia’s interests were met.

Vlad the Impaler was born in 1431 while his father was in Transylvania under exile. And in 1436
his father took back the throne in Wallachia. At thirteen Vlad and his brother, Radu, were
sent to Adrianople to be hostages and remained there for four years. At this point he returned
to claim the throne, but only reigned for 2 months. Finally, in 1456 he reclaimed his throne and
began to establish Tirgoviste as his capital. He built his castle near the Arges River in the


In his second reign as ruler Vlad Tepes committed horrible atrocities. His favorite method
of killing was impalement (hence his nickname) which was a slow painful death. Generally,
the stake was inserted through the butt and out the mouth. However there were other ways of
doing the impalement, some were even hung upside down.

Vlad is said to have scared away invading armies because of his fields of corpses. He had a
tower where his fields of dead were and it was said that he sat up there and feasted .. even
drank blood.

At one point he had 20,000 turkish prisoners impaled.. we know this as “the Forest of the Impaled.”


The impalements did not bother Vlad at all and there is art done where he was eating amongst
the stakes. A lot of his reasoning was that he wanted to secure his power in a modern world
and enforce his personal moral code on Wallachia.

In 1462 Vlad had to flee to Transylvania because the Turks invaded.. his wife committed suicide
rather than be taken alive. Vlad attempted to get aid from Matthias Corvinus, the King of
Hungary, but was arrested and imprisoned instead. He was a prisoner for around 12 years,
the actual length is up for debate. He somehow got back into Corvinus good graces and
married a member of the royal family(rumor is she was a sister of Corvinus). He had 2
sons, the oldest was 10 years old when the Impaler took back the Wallachian throne in 1476.

In 1476 Vlad decided he had rested long enough and wanted more power. Along with Prince Stephen
Bathory, of Transylvania, he invaded Wallachia. The local ruler fled, but sadly for Vlad
it wasn’t long before the Prince and most of the forces went back to Transylvania.
In December of 1476 Vlad Dracula was killed near Bucarest. There are multiple reports
on what happened so it is unknown how he died. The only thing we are sure of is that he was
beheaded after death, his head sent to Constantinople, and his body buried at Snagov, his
favorite monastery, near Bucharest. His body, however, has never been found. It may have been looted,
may have decomposed because of the humidity, or perhaps he still walks the Earth. There are
numerous stories in circulation of this.


While we assume most of this is true, there is indeed no way to know. The only evidence we have
are legends and tales from the Romanians and German and Russian Pamphlets.

In some places in Romania he is seen as a champion of the common man. They don’t tell of him
as a cruel ruler who murdered hundreds of thousands. In fact, many of the Romanian tales have him
as a kind of hero. The name Vlad the Impaler was only used after his death.