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So I am going to try and remember to write here at least once a week.  I know you all missed my craziness and everyone can always use a good dose!

Last week I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in Multimedia/Web Design. Woohoo!  Which prompted me to set up my site to do some freelancing while continuing my education.  Since I’m a tutor at Chesapeake College I have the summer off and I’m going to spend it with my family in Arizona.

You can see some of my work  at  I’m currently working on updating the Alice site I did my first semester for this degree.  A darker updated site.

For the final week of class we had our annual party and of course I made cupcakes.  This was my first time piping roses, but they turned out alright.  Painting the Roses Red!

roseCupcake roseCupcake2


And most recently I saved a kitten.  My friend Kristen had some living under her shed that we tried to catch.  So far only this one has been caught, which sucks because we also want the black one!  Here is my Alice.


Rather annoying little shit loves to scratch the hell out of me, but I love her anyway.

2 more days and WildStar releases!  Well, for those of us that pre-ordered.  Super excited to play this new game!  I played in beta and it rocked.  So that is all I plan to do next week with my nephew.  For now I suppose I should go work on my Alice site!


So like many others, I’m addicted to Pinterest.  Especially the food and drink because I love to try new recipes (especially easy ones!).  Well, lately there has been a lot on there for paleo eating.  Which I’m not really into, but since I want to eat healthier I was intrigued by some of the stuff they do with cauliflower.  So yesterday I’m like pierogies sound awesome, but they are so bad for me!  So, brilliant idea, I’ll make the mashed cauliflower I keep seeing on Pinterest that everyone says is so good. Bad Idea.  It does not taste anything like mashed potatoes.  I love garlic and olive oil, but it got a bad aftertaste since cauliflower doesn’t really taste like much.  /sad fail.  I think I’ll just make real mashed potato pierogies (the lazy way – in wonton wrappers.).

However, I did successfully make some pizza “cupcakes.” Bisquick mix, milk, cheese, onion, and pepperoni – mix well.  Then stick it in a cupcake pan (sprayed with cooking spray) and cook about 10-12 min.  I needed to use more pepperoni, onion, and cheese because while it looked like a lot – turns out when it puffs up they weren’t enuff.  Easy fix for next time!Image

I’m working on some vamp stuff to post, because I’ve been bored and because I’m totally interested in the evolution of the vampire recently.  And guess what!  Next season’s Once Upon a Time is in WONDERLAND!  So excited!  It better be awesome or I might cry lol.



Any gamer will see this picture and laugh.  If you’re not a gamer you’re sitting there going “WTF?”  Basically when starting any MMO you obviously start at level 1.  Regardless of how many levels can be achieved in the game you can’t do shit at the low levels.  And if it’s a game that you play with all levels together this is what it looks like.  I’ll use Blacklight Retribution as an example.  For every battle you complete you get “money.”  You have to use this to buy weapon and gear upgrades.  And until you do you are fodder.  You could be the best player in the battle and unless your invisible you will still die faster than those with more gear(if you get hit that is).

I play World of Warcraft.  I have since just before Lich King.  I did take about a year or so off before Mists of Pandaria dropped, but now I’ve gotten back into it.  Over the years things have gotten easier.. you can get a mount at 20 instead of 40.  Mounts and pets are account-wide.  There are heirlooms that help you level faster if you already have high level toons.  You don’t have to stand n hit mobs for hours to level up daggers or staves  – now you just know them.  In Lich King and Cataclysm rep was pretty easy to get.  In cata you did it all by wearing tabards in dungeons.  Easy-peasy.  Now we are back to the grind.  Granted it is nothing like grinding to get your nether drakes, but it’s a lot harder than previously.



Basically they take forever.  For every faction in MOP you have to grind dailies – The Tillers, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus.  And to get to the Shado-Pan dailies you have to get revered with Golden Lotus.  Then there are the legendary reps.  The Black Prince for example.  You get like 10-11 rep per kill for bugs n mogu.. but you can’t do anything else until you hit honored.  And that can take awhile.  Or the loremasters – you have to complete some achievements or do archeology to get exalted.  Now, when you hit revered on any toon with these you can get a lil sigil that will boost your rep with that faction by 100% account wide.  So that’s good.

I also play



This is not a multi-player game.  But it is amazing.  I have said before I have a semi-obsession with Alice and that includes all the dark twisty stuff.  This game is awesome.  It is bloody, has multiple levels of difficulty, and Alice looks badass.  All the characters are there.. only demented.  This is a game I will (and have) played over and over.  There’s always more memories or bottles to find .. or hidden levels to gain more roses.  I love it.  I highly advise getting it, but I warn it is not for those who don’t like much violence or blood.  If you can get your hands on it I’d say play the first one as well.  I haven’t actually played it because it is no longer made and used copies can run $100 or more on ebay because of the rarity.  If anyone wants to share I’d be uber grateful!  I leave you with one of my favorite outfits of Alice.  Steampunk inspired!


So I was starting to watch Madhouse last night when I last posted and true to the beginning of blood, crazies, and straight jackets it was pretty darn good.  The twist to the story was great, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who loves horror movies and is looking to watch a new one.  It is not a mainstream movie, it was never on the big screen, and those are EXACTLY the type of movies I recommend.  I mean yea of course I watch the big hits that come out, hell I own a ton of them, but I find some of the best movies I’ve ever seen are movies I randomly picked up in the resale pile at a bookstore, or randomly chose on Netflix.  For example, I bought The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, never having heard of it before, just because it has Asia Argento in it.  This movie is incredibly fucked up and you should only watch it if you have a stomach for it.  J.T. Leroy was the writer of the book the movie is based on and he originally peddled the story as his own memoir.  It turns out the whole thing was fiction, but it’s still great.  It’s a part of life that many don’t want to own up to.

Anyway, back to the movies. I also watched Dark House last night which I began to think was a bit like House on Haunted Hill only in a much smaller house and different background story.  While it had some similarities the twists at the end kind of make you go “oh, crap.”  However, I do recommend House on Haunted Hill 1 & 2 over this movie.  Today I got up and found nothing on t.v. so I decided to try another movie I had never heard of – John Carpenter’s The Ward.  I’ve said before I have a thing for mental institutions and I was thinking okay Girl, Interrupted with ghosts.  Which yea it basically is, until you get to the end and the whole story is told.  I love movies that kind of blow your mind at the end.  Totally makes it all worth it.

Now, to the reason this post is called “Good Fries Are Hard to Come by.”  When I was a kid my mother always watched E.R. She never missed an episode, so as I got older I gravitated towards doctor shows.  Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, HawthorNe, etc.  So I just watched the latest episode of Private Practice – which tragically is ending this season – and it really just talked to me.  This episode was mostly about Amelia (Caterina Scorcese – who I adore!) who is a neurosurgeon who is an alcoholic that used to do oxy.  Because I have my own drug issues (I no longer do them, but once an addict always an addict) I really love this character.  Plus, I like good fries.

If you have no idea who Caterina Scorcese is I suggest you look her up.  She was also in the movies Missing and Edge of Darkness.  My favorite role of her’s is (surprise!) as Alice in Syfy channel’s mini-series.  I really love that mini-series – and of course their Tin Man one.  I never got into the Neverland one they did.. didn’t even watch more than 15 minutes of it. I do like most things on syfy channel though.  Being Human, Alphas, Warehouse 13, Eureka (which is over sadly).  I can watch the channel all day long.  I love the crappy little movies they do too.

While I was on FB today I came across a post about a town in PA, Centralia.  This town is abandoned and there is an underground fire burning in the mine beneath – it’s been burning since 1962.  So I’m intrigued and I look it up.  Turns out there is this huge dispute about the land and houses.  Apparently, it’s not completely abandoned.  There are those that still live there despite the fact that it was condemned – and they refuse to give up their land.  They say that the fire has moved on, it isn’t an issue anymore, and that the whole thing was used to get the government the land.  If everyone leaves the land does go to the government and I guess there is so much anthracite coal underneath it could make someone very, very rich.  I feel bad for those people if that is true.  Hell I feel bad just that they lost their whole town.  i do still want to visit and look around – I like abandoned buildings.

centralia centraliafree