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So like most places, Arizona is unusually hot this summer.  Like so hot we don’t go swimming during the day.  And the one day I did we spent 6 hours at my bestie’s pool and wanted to die after lol.

It’s fun hanging out with the kids for the most part.. and then there is the part where they annoy the crap out of me and won’t leave me alone.  Luckily, my nephew goes to summer school in the afternoon so I get a little break from him.  That does leave us with my niece who can’t seem to find enough to do and has to constantly ask us to do stupid crap.  Which makes me wanna scream.



4th of July is coming up and I don’t know about all of you but I plan to swim, eat bbq, and drink a bit.  Should be an interesting time.  I hope all of you have fun and stay safe!

On a sadder note, I was informed that when I get home to Maryland that we might be down a dog.  Sissy is 16 years old and has been acting weirder than usual. I can’t say this is sudden, but it’s still unwanted.

We are watching Pitch Perfect for like the millionth time because my niece is obsessed. She seriously knows this movie by heart.  Although, it is cute when she dances along.  I’m going to go melt in a corner now because it’s freaking 104 degrees outside and barely after 1pm.  Popsicles have become my best friend!



P.S. Blue rocks.


Things happened so fast I didn’t even have time to warn any of you!  At the beginning of July I drove from Maryland to Arizona.. alone.. longest 3 days of my life!  Got to hang out with my sister and her kids.. partially helping her survive cuz she had surgery.  Then on the 20th we flew to Orlando, FL!  Great week at Saratoga Springs Resort, got the kids to go on Splash Mountain, and did lots of swimming.  The only thing that really sucked was that it rained so much we missed going to the beach.  We did go to Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain tho! Best sundae ever!!!!

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Now I’m back home with a still swollen and painful ankle, that I twisted in the airplane on the way to Florida.  Nice to get some rest now though.. as much as I love those kids they can wear ya out.  Couple weeks til school starts so it’s time to get ready for that.  Gotta buy some books n such.


Disney World definitely needs more Jack Skellington.  He was confined to the corner/one wall of the Christmas shop.  Tragic.  However, I did get myself a new coffee cup and this awesome purse –



Plus we got to make some magnets, banners, ceramics, and coloring pages at the resort with the kids.


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Time to catch up on my gaming.. I’m behind and feel out of sorts since I don’t know whats going on in Guild Wars 2.  Plus, no one is really playing Neverwinter anymore and I’m being subjected to DC Universe.  I think Neverwinter is better than DC… so if you find yourself in need of a free game.. choose the first!



One of the reasons I was so excited to move to the east coast is all the history here.  There are tons of old cemeteries, abandoned buildings and hospitals, lots of things you can’t find back in Arizona.  While I haven’t made it to any of the great places out here, mostly cuz gas is skyhigh, I have done a little research.  One of the places I really want to go look at is Rosewood.  The hospital was opened as the Asylum and Training School for the Feeble Minded.  Then in 1912 it was the Rosewood State Training School.  And after that it was renamed Rosewood State Hospital in 1961.  The final name of it became Rosewood Center in 1969.  This large state hospital was actually open all the way up until June 30th, 2009.


This is a pretty nice picture of the grounds.

It was originally opened for indigent children between the ages of 7-17, only white children.  In 1900 they tried to get a building erected for colored kids, but it didn’t happen.  I wasn’t successful in finding out if and when the hospital accepted more than just whites.  In the 40’s the institution finally accepted physically handicapped kids along with the mentally handicapped ones.  And it wasn’t until 1950 that the age restriction was lifted.  At it’s highest capacity Rosewood held 2,700 people.

Not only did patients live on the grounds, they went to school and worked there.  The hospital’s board really wanted to be self-sufficient so they had the boys farm and the girls sew and cook.  The third floor of the hospital was where those that took care of these children lived.  They each had their own room and there was a living room for them to relax.

Like all institutions of this nature over the years there were a lot of reports of abuse, neglect, etc. Especially because during its existence it was many times overcrowded and understaffed as well as lacking proper funds. It was actually referred to as “Maryland’s Shame.” In 2006 the main building, which wasn’t used, was burned down by an arsonist.  The grounds are also contaminated with asbestos, lead paint, and other chemicals.


Somewhere on the property is a 100 year old cemetery from when there was a flu epidemic.  I mean if anyplace has the right to be haunted it is a place like this.  I can only imagine what went on in this institution back in the day.  During the years this place was open there were a lot of different ideas out there of how to treat the mentally ill, and not all of them were nice.


Photos like these make me want to go just as much as the history.  I really like forlorn, decimated buildings.  Not sure why.  None of these photos are mine, but I hope to someday post some of my own here.

I don’t want to claim anyone’s work so this is where I got my information and pictures!!i=477779434&k=ERwh7