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Wow, I can’t believe that it has been almost a year since I posted something.  Time really flies when you are busy!  I am now 1 class away from my second Associate’s Degree, ugh stupid math, and am currently doing an internship.

I finally have a site that I built live. While I am annoyed with her right now, I will share …

For now I cannot share the site I am doing for my internship, but hopefully soon they will approve it and then I can.

During their Spring Break my sister brought her kids up, and they were sooo happy about the snow.  I’m glad someone was, because all of us here in MD were so over it by the time March hit.  Anyway, while they were here we made some awesome TMNT cupcakes!


They had to have more than just happy faces according to my nephew.. so some apparently had their pizza stolen and had to cry.

I found an interesting show on History… Cryptid The Swamp Beast.  It is a mix of fact and fiction and pretty damn interesting.

OH and don’t forget to go to and check out the beta keys for Wildstar.  Seems like it is going to be an awesome game.  I played some of the beta this past weekend and I can say it was pretty good.

On that note.. I’m going to go play some video games since work is slow!


So because I was too lazy to see if anything else was on after watching Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime, I ended up with a marathon of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers!  I love this show, mostly because people never expect the shit they do from an old person.  But also, because this will be me and my friends when I’m old.  We have actually spent a lot of time (while drinking) thinking of the hilarious/horrible things we can do to people when we are old.  Some of them are quite extreme and outrageous, but hey why not!



In other news, it is haunting season once more.  Last year we had flies (despite constant cleaning, spraying, and flytraps), odd noises, doors opening with no one there and computers acting up.  Today I was sitting in the living room watching TV and I’m hearing weird noises (which could have been due to wind) and then.. there’s a loud crash of something having fallen.. don’t see anything.. all the dogs are sitting with me, and didn’t find it later.  Hopefully, it won’t act up too much otherwise my friend Megan is never gonna come over again!

Since I was lucky enough to finally get a copy of American McGee’s Alice I thought I’d play it.  The only difficult thing is that since it was made in the 90’s the controls aren’t as good as newer games.  The graphics are pretty darn good for their time, I just have issues because I’m so used to the controls on Alice Madness Returns.  So I put the first one on the back burner and have started going thru Madness Returns again.  I’m almost to the Whalrus and the Carpenter, but I want so badly to get past that part without having to do it again!  I really wanna get to the dollhouse level! So for now I must suffer through.

alice alice2

While I don’t usually go out of my way to listen to country music, it is always one of the kinds I turn to when commercials come on the radio.  And lately I’ve been kinda into turning it on more.  Love me some Kacey Musgraves, Little Big Town, The Band Perry, and Taylor Swift.  Today is totally a country day.  Had to spend some time getting together a list of why my mother should buy what computer and cell phone because she is tech stupid lol.

I’ve decided to go dark background bright pop of flowers for my design assignment. I’m thinking a color pop similar to this:bluelips rainbowlips

I like the shine and the colors.. not sure how to do it, but i will figure it out damnit! Any hints would be appreciated!


Totally trying to think of some cupcakes to make for finals day for my multimedia class.  I want it to be something artistic and creepy.  Possibly spiders.  I’d have to do something more with them tho.  I could always make some Alice ones – a mix of Disney’s Alice and American McGee’s.

On another note, the lady I was tutoring on Dreamweaver is awesome and I can now dye my hair and go buy American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns for PS3 so that I can get the add-on for the original!  I’ve been dying to play the original for years now! Nothing like a new video game to stop productivity on school work! Luckily I like most of my school work so I’ll still do it.

I’m curious, any of you have anything you’d like to see me write about? I’m always up for a challenge!




Any gamer will see this picture and laugh.  If you’re not a gamer you’re sitting there going “WTF?”  Basically when starting any MMO you obviously start at level 1.  Regardless of how many levels can be achieved in the game you can’t do shit at the low levels.  And if it’s a game that you play with all levels together this is what it looks like.  I’ll use Blacklight Retribution as an example.  For every battle you complete you get “money.”  You have to use this to buy weapon and gear upgrades.  And until you do you are fodder.  You could be the best player in the battle and unless your invisible you will still die faster than those with more gear(if you get hit that is).

I play World of Warcraft.  I have since just before Lich King.  I did take about a year or so off before Mists of Pandaria dropped, but now I’ve gotten back into it.  Over the years things have gotten easier.. you can get a mount at 20 instead of 40.  Mounts and pets are account-wide.  There are heirlooms that help you level faster if you already have high level toons.  You don’t have to stand n hit mobs for hours to level up daggers or staves  – now you just know them.  In Lich King and Cataclysm rep was pretty easy to get.  In cata you did it all by wearing tabards in dungeons.  Easy-peasy.  Now we are back to the grind.  Granted it is nothing like grinding to get your nether drakes, but it’s a lot harder than previously.



Basically they take forever.  For every faction in MOP you have to grind dailies – The Tillers, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus.  And to get to the Shado-Pan dailies you have to get revered with Golden Lotus.  Then there are the legendary reps.  The Black Prince for example.  You get like 10-11 rep per kill for bugs n mogu.. but you can’t do anything else until you hit honored.  And that can take awhile.  Or the loremasters – you have to complete some achievements or do archeology to get exalted.  Now, when you hit revered on any toon with these you can get a lil sigil that will boost your rep with that faction by 100% account wide.  So that’s good.

I also play



This is not a multi-player game.  But it is amazing.  I have said before I have a semi-obsession with Alice and that includes all the dark twisty stuff.  This game is awesome.  It is bloody, has multiple levels of difficulty, and Alice looks badass.  All the characters are there.. only demented.  This is a game I will (and have) played over and over.  There’s always more memories or bottles to find .. or hidden levels to gain more roses.  I love it.  I highly advise getting it, but I warn it is not for those who don’t like much violence or blood.  If you can get your hands on it I’d say play the first one as well.  I haven’t actually played it because it is no longer made and used copies can run $100 or more on ebay because of the rarity.  If anyone wants to share I’d be uber grateful!  I leave you with one of my favorite outfits of Alice.  Steampunk inspired!